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Lunchtime cheesy Ciabatta

Experience the delightful combination of Cajun chicken, fresh vegetables, and the zesty kick of sweet chili mayonnaise in this scrumptious ciabatta sandwich. Ideal for an elevated lunchtime treat that's easy to pack and enjoy on the go!

Serves 2  |  Prep time: 30 mins



2 Cheese Ciabatta
1 Beef Tomato
150g Cajun Chicken
1 small Cucumber
Handful of mixed leaves
2 tablespoons of Mayonnaise
2 tablespoons of Sweet Chilli 


Cut the cheese ciabatta in half.

In a bowl, mix mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce to create sweet chili mayonnaise.


Spread this mixture on both the top and bottom of the cheese panini.

Using a vegetable peeler, cut the cucumber into ribbons. Slice the beef tomatoes into thick slices.

On the bottom half of each ciabatta, layer half of the Cajun chicken, mixed leaves, beef tomatoes, and cucumber.

Place the top halves on both ciabattas.

Pack this delightful creation into your lunchbox.
Enjoy your elevated lunchtime meal!

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