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Pesto Club Ciabatta

Indulge in the rich flavours of sliced chicken, pulled ham, and vibrant sun-dried tomatoes, perfectly complemented by the creamy mayonnaise and zesty pesto. Elevate your lunchtime routine with this satisfying ciabatta sandwich, accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee.

Serves 2  |  Prep time: 30 mins



2 Ciabatta
4 Slices of Roast Chicken 
300g Pulled Ham 
6 Sun-dried Tomatos
Handful of mixed leaves
2 tablespoons of Green Pesto 
2 tablespoons of Mayonnais


Cut the cheese ciabatta in half and toast until golden.

Spread mayonnaise on the bottom of each ciabatta half and add pesto to both the top and bottom of each half.

On the bottom half of each ciabatta, layer half of the sliced chicken, pulled ham, mixed leaves, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Place the top halves on both ciabattas and slice each sandwich in half.

Elevate your lunch experience with this delightful creation.

Enjoy your elevated lunch paired with a cup of coffee!

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