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Brisket Melt Ciabatta

Savour the rich flavours of smoked cheddar, Gruyere, and succulent beef brisket in this mouthwatering ciabatta melt. The tangy mustard adds an extra kick, creating a delightful sandwich that's perfectly complemented by a side of fresh mixed leaves.

Serves 2  |  Prep time: 30 mins



2 Ciabattas
300g Beef Brisket 
80g Smoked Chedder
80g Gruyere Cheese
2 tablespoons of Mustard


Cut the ciabatta in half and generously spread mustard on both the top and bottom.

Slice the smoked cheddar and Gruyere cheese.

On the bottom half of each panini, layer half of the beef brisket, smoked cheddar, and Gruyere.

Place the top halves on both paninis.

Toast in your George Foreman grill until the crust is brown, and the cheeses are melted.

Enjoy your Brisket Melt Ciabatta served with a side of mixed leaves.

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