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Heath & Wellness

The demands of modern life have made us all aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy. We have devised a range of breads that promote healthy dietary needs.


From Sourdough to Low GI, High Fibre, Ancient Grains to Multiseed breads, there's no need to sacrifice great taste when eating healthy.


Our breads are ideal for every eating occasion. Bread is now considered an essential ingredient, taking centre-stage alongside the wonderful array of fillings now on offer at your local supermarket.


Think open sandwiches, sumptuous cheese melts and crusty croutons to mop up your plate. Find your recipe or invent some new ones!


From lunchbox fillers that the kids go crazy for, to that simple breakfast toast that gets you ready for the day ahead, our breads are extremely versatile.


In just a couple of minutes you can create a delicious cafe lunch or a pick and mix array of delicious bites to impress your dinner guests. Our bread is designed for living.

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